Wat to see

Wat Phra Yai:
This temple is the home of the 12 meters tall Big Buddha, Samui’s most famous landmark. At the base of the structure, shops and restaurants cater to the needs of devotees and tourists alike.
The Laem Sor Chedi:
This ornately designed chedi (pagoda) sits on the rocks at the water’s edge on the grounds of Wat Leam Sor.
Wat Kiri Wongkaram:
This temple is noted for the mummified body of the Buddhist Monk “Loung Por Ruam” which has been on display for the last 25 years.
Coral Buddha:
Formerly one of Samui’s main attractions, this small, dilapidated statue is only visited by Buddhist devotees.
Lord Buddha’s Footprint:
There are actually four artistically engraved footprints here, superimposed on upon the other and housed in a modest shrine 150 steps up a steep hill.
Wat Sumret:
This old temple is the guardian of the ancient White Marble Buddha, believed by many, including the resident monks, to be many hundreds of years old. It also harbours within its grounds the Secret Hall of Buddha’s, which will only be opened on request.
Wat Khunaram:
The body of Samui’s most famous Mummified Monk “Loung Por Daeng” has been display here in the same meditation position when he died in over 20 years ago.
Wat Sila Ngu:
Said to contain a relic of the Lord Buddha, the golden chedi (pagoda) facing the temple entrance is a popular place of worship.







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