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Allow us to assist you in the most important decision of your life. Your wedding! The choice of “Whom” and When” remains yours. We will take care of the “Where” and “How”.

Thai Wedding BHT 65,000 .-
Includes decorative venue set-up, entrance decoration, flower decoration, heart-shape ice carving, sitting area and food for monks.

Western Wedding BHT 55,000.-
Includes decorative venue set-up, entrance decoration, flower decoration, heart-shape ice carving, and master of ceremony.

Locations are many and varied, from the panoramic view of the Lamai Beach at the Thai Ayodhya Garden or our Restaurant By the sea to the tropical gardens surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Reception & Dinner
We offer a wide variety of cocktails. Menus for sit down dinner or buffet style are available upon request.

All rates are nett, non commissionable and quoted in Thai Baht.
Rates may change without prior notice.

Please note that hotel will not arrange any legal requirement. Guests are suggested to contact their embassy for legal concerns.


    1) Bride and her parents will wait in the function room.
    2) Long Drum parade (with the baby elephant) lead groom, his parent and respective friends from the lobby to function room.
    3) Groom and parents will pass the golden gate, where groom must satisfy the gatekeepers by offering some gratuity in order that they are willing to open the gate.
    4) Bride to welcome groom and parents and let parents of groom & bride to sit in sofa. Groom and bride to sit in front of them (on the floor)
    5) By the assistance of the Master of ceremony, groom’s parents ask for permission of bride parents for wedding.
    6) Groom & bride to exchange the rings
    7) Groom & bride to pay respect to the parents
    8) Groom & bride to pay respect to the Buddha image
    9) Monks begin the blessing, the blessing ceremony takes approx. 20-30 minutes.
    10) Groom & bride will provide Thai food, flower and meritorious money to 5 monks
    11) Groom & bride to sit on the wedding seat
    12) Master of the ceremony to give them garlands and to bond the couple with “Mongkol” string and to bless them with dots of white powder on their forehead
    13) 2 male and female friends of groom & bride to stand behind the seats
    14) Master of the ceremony to be the first one to bless the couple with the blessing water.
    15) Parents, friends and all guests to bless the couple respectively.
    16) After finishing the water blessing, Master of Ceremony to take off the “Mongkol” string.
    17) Ceremony is over

Remrarks: The ceremony starts at 10.00 in the morning and finishes not later than 12.00 hours

**We also offer one bottle of Sparkling wine and One night for Studio Room included**
Plant to grow up with name of couple.


They should, first and foremost, contact their parish priest (pastor) well in advance of the proposed date of their marriage.

    Following documents are required;
  • Certificate of completion of the pre-marital program of their diocese
  • Copy or prenuptial inquiry (bride and groom)
  • Copy of birth certificate (bride and groom)
  • Copy of Baptismal certificate (bride and groom)
  • Copy of confirmation certificate (bride and groom)
  • Testimonial of freedom to marry (bride and groom) given by the priest or close relative or notary public
  • Letter granting permission to conduct the marriage ceremony (given by the parish priest usually of the bride

A catholic marriage is conducted in another place other than a church under special circumstances.

Should either the bride or groom be not Catholic, a dispensation is required (given by the Bishop of the diocese). The parish priest will take care of this If the bride and groom are Protestant, special circumstance might allow a Catholic priest to perform the marriage. They must have certificates indicating that they are free to marry, i.e. have never been married or divorced. They would have to be interviewing beforehand.

If the bride and groom are not Christian, special circumstances might allow a Catholic priest to perform the marriage. They would have to be interviewed beforehand.

Due consideration is given the each individual case.

**We also offer one bottle of Sparkling wine and one night for Studio Room included**Plant to grow up with name of couple.

Addition Expenses (Excluded from The Wedding Package )

Fire dance show
Thai Cultural Show
Long Drum Parade
Baby Elephant Escort
Flower Garland(each)
Wedding Cake (Medium)
Video Service included CD
Photographer Service
One hour open bar
Standard bar
Soft drink
Bht 5,500
Bht 24,000
Bht 15,000
Bht 10,000
Bht 650
Bht 1,200
Bht 3,500
Bht 12,000
Bht 8,000

Bht 700
Bht 1,250
Bht 2,200
Bht 100
5 pieces Band
Strolling Duo
Duo band
Flower Bouquet
Fire work
Karaoke, Light & Sound System
One singer
Two singer
Cocktail reception
Thai menu
International menu
Seafood BBQ buffet dinner
Steak selection buffet dinner
Bht 55,000
Bth 13,000
Bht 10,000
Bht 2,500
Bht 35,000-55,000
Bht 12,000
Bht 4,500
Bht 8,000
Bht @350 p/person
Bht@700 p/person
Bht@850 p/person

We have the pleasure to welcome and sever your valued guests with our Thai hospitality and services. Your full cooperation and consideration in this offer are highly appreciated. We are looking forward to counter sign in order to effective immediately.

Please email us directly at:
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with any questions or requests.


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